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Winter Check

We, at Kirkby Tyres, provide winter checks for vehicles to ensure that our customers do not have to worry about the escalation of issues caused by cold weather conditions. These checks are performed by expert mechanics and technicians. They are done with precision to ensure the road-worthiness of every vehicle.

Winter checks are necessary due to extreme conditions the vehicles face as soon as the temperature drops. The lower the temperature the higher the stress on the systems of a vehicle. Therefore, to ensure that the added stress does not harm the vehicle’s systems, they need to be inspected and steps need to be taken for their maintenance. Some of the checks performed by our mechanics on a vehicle to prepare it for the winter conditions are-

Engine checks

The engine of a vehicle is checked to ensure the levels of engine oil, coolant, and brake oil are as recommended. Lower levels of oil in these systems can be dangerous and can damage certain parts of the engine.


Low temperature during the winter months can cause the battery to drain out quickly. Besides, the ignition of the engine takes more energy as the burning temperature for oil is higher. So, our mechanics check the battery charge and terminals to keep it running at its best.


Special tyres are needed to ensure proper grip for the vehicle during the winter months. Winter tyres are designed to handle the cold weather conditions and snow. Therefore, before the snow sets in, tyres must be inspected. At our facilities, we inspect the tyres and recommend necessary measures if they are unworthy of use during winter months.

Air conditioner

The air conditioner can be a lifesaver during cold conditions. It helps to maintain the cabin temperature which in turn helps in a comfortable drive. To keep the air conditioner running during the winter months, special checks are needed. At our facilities, these checks are performed without any compromise with quality. Necessary repairs are also made to vehicles that require them.

Apart from the checks mentioned here, we inspect every nook and corner of vehicles that visit our facility for winter checks. We know the importance of a safe vehicle when it comes to driving in the nail-biting cold. Therefore, every vehicle that is brought to us undergoes thorough and extensive checks by experts. The tag of being one of the most trusted workshops in Sutton in Ashfield is not something we take lightly. We offer our services at competitive prices to ensure that everyone has safe driving experience.

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