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wheel alignment

Yin Yang, the opposing forces have one job, to keep the universe balanced. This balance is everywhere and is fundamental in ensuring the smooth functioning of everything. Even in the wheels of a vehicle, this balance is required. At Kirkby Tyres, we are always ready to help ensure the balancing of your vehicle’s wheels to keep it running. We use state of the art equipment and expert eyes of highly trained professionals for maintaining the balance. Therefore, we the foremost wheel balancing Sutton in Ashfield.

What is wheel balancing?

Wheels on a vehicle need to be balanced perfectly to make sure that every rotation is the same. Even a minute imbalance in the wheels can be the cause of a bumpy and uncomfortable ride. Additionally, this imbalance can also lead to long term problems in the suspension and rims of a vehicle. A properly balanced wheel is the cornerstone of a good vehicle. But sometimes due to a change in the precise circumference of the tyre or disfigurement of the rim, this balance can be lost. If a vehicle with an imbalanced wheel is driven for long periods, it increases the pressure on the suspension and can cause irreparable damage.

How is wheel balancing checked and fixed?

To check and remove imbalances in the wheel, it has to be mounted on to a special machine that emulates the rotation of the wheels on the road. This machine then checks that the proper balance of the wheel is maintained. If an imbalance is detected, weights at specific places in the wheel’s rim have to be added. The material and extent of these weights depend on the imbalance and their location is based on the data delivered by the machine. To ensure that the weights are added in the right places and have the maximum effect on the wheel’s balanced rotation, the eyes of an expert are required.

How often should wheel balancing be checked?

To ensure a safe and comfortable after every six months or 15,000 miles, you should visit Kirkby Tyres for wheel balancing. It takes not more than a couple of hours to check wheel balancing and another fifteen minutes to fix it. The more attentive you are towards the balancing of the wheel, the lower will be the chances of your vehicle’s suspension encountering a problem.

Our services at Kirby Tyres are offered at compelling prices to make sure wheel balancing is accessible to our customers. We are committed towards providing the best ride quality. That is why we ensure that only “the best” is offered to our customers.

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