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When one thinks about tyres, there are a few names that are bound to pop up in your mind. Michelin Tyres is one of them. Their tyres are reliable, comfortable, and iconic. Our facility, at Kirkby Tyres, acknowledges the progress Michelin has enabled the tyre industry to make. They are part of the inventory of tyres we maintain at our facility in Ashfield.

Michelin, a pioneer of radial tyres, is a French company. It has been in the business for as long as the business has existed. The radial tyres developed by Michelin in their initial years, known as X-tyres, have set the standard world over today.

Along with their fame for the development of the radial tyre, Michelin is also accredited with marketing campaigns that made them a household name. The Michelin Man, the humanised depiction of the company was a fabulous success and cemented the already soaring popularity of the brand.

Michelin is known across the world as a manufacturer of quality tyres with a long history to support the hype. Their quality standards are so well known that even in the hospitality industry the ‘Michelin Star’ is awarded to chefs and hotels signifying their excellence.

Apart from their quality, Michelin has also been a long-standing researcher and developer of tyres. After pioneering the radial tyre, Michelin developed and produced the ‘run-flat’ tyres. These tyres enabled drivers to drive even on a flat tyre without fear of irreversible damage for quite some distance. This distance is enough to enable drivers to drive to nearby service and repair station, removing the need to change tyres. This revolutionised the industry and made the life of motorists a lot easier.

Further Michelin has been a long-standing tyre supplier to the prestigious and rigorous Le Mans race. The race is known to be the ultimate test of endurance for drivers and vehicles. It has witnessed many victories achieved by Michelin Tyres.

Looking at their strong tradition, the mark of excellence, and amazing durability, we, at Kirkby Tyres are happy to be providers of Michelin tyres to our customers. To ensure proper fitment of tyres, we have experts to do the job. Our experts also provide maintenance and service schedules to keep the health of your tyres at its best. They are also trained and always ready to offer whatever requirements you may have when looking for tyres to purchase for your vehicle.



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