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At Kirkby tyres, you will find some of the best tyre brands in the industry. We recommend brands which come with the promise of quality and durability. One of these brands is Dunlop. Its tyres stand firm on both these factors, they are highly durable and are well known for their adherence to strict quality standards.

Started by John Boyd, Dunlop is amongst the premier brands of tyres. It is owned and run by a conglomerate of companies which are expert tyre manufacturers in their own right. Names like Goodyear and Sumimoto are associated with the company. Their years of expertise in the rubber industry adds to the strength of Dunlop tyres.

Dunlop is credited with being the first tyre manufacturer to establish the relation between tread pattern and water displacement which prevented aquaplaning. The research they conducted on different tread patterns was instrumental in establishing them as one of the premier tyre brands in the world. Today their name is synonymous with safety and comfort.

Being a relatively young brand when compared to behemoths in the industry, Dunlop has not been active in motorsports. This, however, has in no way hampered their growth or research process. Their association with big names in the car manufacturing industry as OE (original equipment) has lent them the much sought after credibility. They are famous due to the checks and quality inspections their products undergo. This further enhances their stature as one of the safest tyres brands available in the market.

In terms of safety provided by tyres, there is no other brand that is as reliable as Dunlop. Their research on the effect of different tread patterns on water displacement opened new avenues of development in the tyre industry. This development paved the way for the use of different tread patterns which maximised water displacement and actively reduced the dangers of aquaplaning. Their tyres, therefore, are quite useful for driving in wet conditions.

With the kind of weather that locals in Ashfield brave, Dunlop tyres are one of the best choices they have. Keeping in mind their extensive research and hold on the market, our experts at Kirkby Tyres recommend the use of Dunlop tyres.

Our experts also recommend regular checks and maintenance services for tyres. They understand the need for good tyres to ensure safe driving especially in wet conditions. They are always ready to extend whatever support required by customers in selecting the best tyres for their needs.



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