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Are you looking for Dunlop tyres Sutton-in-Ashfield?

Then drop by at Kirkby Road Tyres to check out our extensive collection of Dunlop tyres. We retail tyres of different types and sizes in our garage to fulfil all your tyres near me searches.

All Dunlop tyres in our garage undergo stringent checks to ensure their quality, durability, acceleration and braking efficiency. Founded by the pneumatic tyre pioneer John Boyd Dunlop, this brand has continued to manufacture unmatched quality tyres which are highly popular in the UK as well.

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Provide your car’s registration number or tyre size details on our online portal. We will provide you with a range of tyres to choose from that match your inputs. Choose your preferred tyres and make a purchase. You can choose an appointment to get the tyres fitted at our workshop or opt for home delivery using our mail-order facility.

What can we offer?

Dunlop’s all-season tyres

The rubber composition of these Dunlop tyres Sutton-in-Ashfield prevents overheating, thereby preventing tyre blowouts. Its short profile sidewalls ensure cornering capabilities and its large tread blocks ensure traction on different roads all-year-long in moderate climates. One of our top picks is the SP Sport Maxx RT 2.

Dunlop’s summer tyres

The hard rubber composition of these Dunlop tyres ensures adaptability on hot tarmacs. Its simple block pattern provides optimum handling efficiency and short braking distance. These tyres also enhance fuel efficiency and reduce the risk of wear and tear. One of our best-sellers is Sport BluResponse.

Dunlop’s winter tyres

The unique shoulder sipes of Dunlop winter tyres ensures traction and hydroplaning resistance by dispersing water to the sides. Also, it interlocks with the surface, providing handling precision and steering responsiveness. SP Winter Response 2 is one of the top-sellers in this category.

Other tyres in our inventory

  • SP Sport 01 (Run-flat)
  • Grandtrek AT25 (4X4)
  • SP Sport Maxx TT (Performance)

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