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If Italy is God’s garage then Germany is his workshop. For anyone with even the faintest interest in the automobile industry, Germany is heaven. The Germans know how to make their cars, they are therefore also trusted with making tyres that can support them. Our tyres experts are Kirkby Tyres believe the same. They, therefore, believe in and endorse Continental Tyres.

Continental Tyres, a brand with operations in more than a hundred countries across the world is considered one of the best in the industry. Their expansion in terms of sales and reach is unprecedented. It is supported by their superior quality and reliability. They are accredited with many innovations in tyre manufacturing and have recently opened a new operational base on the island of Costa Rica.

Started in 1871, Continental is one of the oldest brands in the industry. In their formative years, they were a well known vulcanised rubber and motorcycle tyre manufacturing organisation. With time they grew and with that growth came the tag of being the best motorcycle brand in the world.

Today, Continental is not just a tyre brand. It also manufactures many smaller parts used in vehicle manufacturing. This association with the process of car manufacturing has enabled them to become humongous in their stature and reputation. Such is their reputation that car manufacturers like Honda, Volkswagen, and BMW trust them to provide the tyres fitted to their vehicles. They have then taken the position of being the fourth largest tyre manufacturer in the world.

Such is their dependability that in Germany, the home of Continental tyres, there are no speed limits on select motorways. The Germans know that they can rely on not just their vehicles but also their vehicle’s tyres provided by Continental.

To keep up with their immense reach, Continental tyres provide great quality and good durability. Such qualities of Continental tyres gives us the confidence to recommend their use to our customers with the utmost conviction. Used by the best, they have proved their worth with the long haul in the industry.

At Kirkby Tyres, you can buy immensely satisfying and reliable Continental tyres. Apart from the regular tyre fitting services, we also provide tyre maintenance. We have a team of experts who specialise in tyres maintenance. They will ensure that you make an informed decision when it comes to selecting tyres for your steed.



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