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Fitting the right sized tyres on your vehicle is essential to enjoy an improved handling experience along with enhanced fuel efficiency. Using car tyres Sutton-in-Ashfield of the correct tyre size also improves driving safety and comfort.

If you have a clear idea about the tyre size meaning, buying a set of tyres online becomes much easier! You can buy tyres online from us, Kirkby Road Tyres, as well. This not only makes the whole process hassle-free but also saves your time and efforts in visiting a garage.

    What is a tyre size?

    Tyre size is a unique combination of letters and numbers embossed on the sidewall of a tyre. This unique code gives an insight into factors like tyre measurements, speed index, etc.

    Let’s try to understand the breakdown of a tyre size with an example.

    185/45 R15 75 V

  • 185
  • The number 185 is used to denote the width of this tyre. This code is present on both sides of a tyre Sutton-in-Ashfield. This tyre width is measured in millimetres.

  • 45
  • The next set of numbers ‘45’ represents the aspect ratio of a tyre. This aspect ratio is represented in percentage.

  • R
  • The letter R means that this tyre has a radial built.

  • 15
  • The number 15 is used to represent the rim diameter, measured in inches.

  • 75
  • The next set of numbers, ‘75’, represents the load-bearing capacity of this tyre. This is the highest amount of load which the tyre can bear when properly inflated.

  • V
  • The last letter of this combination, ‘V’, represents the speed index.

    Now that you have understood how a tyre size works, feel free to make your purchase from us online or offline instead of looking for tyres near me. Visit our garage at Unit 5 & 6, 33, Kirkby Rd, Sutton-in-Ashfield NG17 1GG. You can also call us on 0162 355 7774 for bookings and for more details.

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