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summer check

Every vehicle, sooner or later, requires checks to ensure all its components are in tune and working properly. These checks are especially important when the weather changes. At Kirkby tyres, we provide excellent summer checks for vehicles. We are one of the most trusted workshops for the same. We have a team of experts that specialises in running checks and tests on vehicles. It is to ensure that all vehicles undergoing checks are roadworthy.

The following checks are performed on vehicles when our customers visit the workshop for summer checks.

Cooling system (Air-conditioner)

For a comfortable driving experience during summers, a working air-conditioner is a must. So the first thing that is checked to ensure the roadworthiness of your vehicle is the cooling system. Upon inspection, many problems that can cripple the cooling of your vehicle will be diagnosed and fixed if required.


To ensure the good working condition of a vehicle, its engine has to be checked thoroughly. Engine checks will include:

  • Oil check
  • Coolant level checks
  • Brake oil check and
  • Engine exhaust check.


The brakes undergo a lot of stress during summer. It is due to excessive heat. Therefore, they need to be checked to ensure that excessive wear does not hamper their working.


The heat during summer months can wreak havoc on tyres. Being one of the most important safety factors, the tyres must be checked for excessive wear. Any discrepancy with the tyres can cause safety hazards. Therefore, before the onset of summers, they must be examined.


The use of electrical equipment in a vehicle drains the battery. During summer months, this use can intensify because of the air-conditioner. To ensure that this overuse does not impede its proper functioning, proper checks on the battery of the vehicle should be performed by experts.

All the checks on vehicles at Kirkby Tyres are performed by experts. These experts are highly trained and qualified in vehicle maintenance. They ensure that all issues plaguing the vehicle are performed without compromises. They also perform maintenance and repair works to keep your vehicle roadworthy during the hottest of summer months.

Our summer checks at Kirkby Tyres are designed to catch even the smallest of issues in a vehicle. Issues that have the potential to grow and compromise the quality of the ride are fixed. There is no stone left unturned in maintaining the vehicle’s safety.

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