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Are you looking for Summer Check for your vehicle?


During summers, the higher temperatures and congested roads can increase the chances of damage to various car parts. Your vehicle needs to be adequately prepared for these challenges. That’s why at Kirkby Road Tyres, we offer comprehensive and affordable summer checks Sutton-in-Ashfield to ensure that your vehicle is in top condition.

Our car summer check Sutton-in-Ashfield is a professional health check for your vehicle involving a thorough inspection of some key components.

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    What do we cover under our summer check Sutton-in-Ashfield?

    Tyre check

    We check the tyres, including spares, to make sure they don’t fail on hot summer roads. We examine the tread depth, tyre pressure and look for damages, like bulges or cuts, slow punctures, damaged valves etc. using the best equipment.


    The summer season can put extra stress on your car battery due to frequent traffic jams and drain from running the air conditioner. Hence, we inspect the battery carefully during our vehicle summer check Sutton-in-Ashfield and suggest a replacement if necessary.


    Checking the coolant levels is necessary to make sure your car doesn’t overheat. We inspect the entire cooling system and fans to see if they are working correctly.

    Oil levels

    We will check if the oil level is sufficient, otherwise we will top it up.

    Air conditioning system

    During our summer car check Sutton-in-Ashfield, our experts inspect the evaporator, condenser, compressor and other AC parts as well as the refrigerant level to ensure a comfortable cabin experience during the hottest months of the year.

    Additional checks

  • Electrical system and lights
  • Windscreen wipers and screen wash
  • Hence, you can now stop looking for a summer check garage near me and reach us instead.

    You will find us at Unit 5 & 6, 33, Kirkby Rd, Sutton-in-Ashfield NG17 1GG.

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