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At Kirkby Road Tyres, we have some of the best brands the industry can offer. But for those customers who wish to run their vehicles at minimum expenses, we have a stock of high-quality part worn tyres Sutton in Ashfield. The tyres undergo extensive checks and inspections to ensure the safety of our customers in even the worst of situations. They are specially checked to ensure that their use does not violate any legal norms.

What are part worn tyres?

Part worn tyres, as the name suggests, are tyres which have been previously used. Usually, tyres are replaced either when their tread has worn down or they have been victim to a mishap. It is for this reason that they are rendered as useless. However, there are also instances when tyres are discarded even when they have not worn down. These tyres can be used safely as they have not been rendered useless. Their use ensures that the resources spent in their manufacture do not go waste.

Why use part-worn tyres?

Part worn tyres are cheaper than new counterparts. Therefore, they are comparatively affordable. The government has made specific laws to avoid the sale of damaged tyres. As a part of this initiative, we do a series of checks and trails to ensure that our part worn tyres are safe to use. Tyres which are unable to clear these checks cannot be sold as part worn tyres. They have to be discarded.

Experts at Kirby Road Tyres ensure that all the norms and rules laid down by the government are followed and there are no discrepancies. Apart from the legal obligations, our part-worn tyres also undergo additional checks under the scrutinizing eye of our experts. It is to ensure that no problem makes it to our customers.

Customers in Sutton in Ashfield are witness to the quality of part worn tyres that we offer. We have been appreciated for initiating a cause that advocates for judicious use of products made from natural resources. We are committed towards excellence and proper use of resources. This pushes us to deliver the best part-worn tyres to our customers. Tyres at our facility are sold at extremely competitive prices with additional support for vehicle maintenance and tyre care. We understand the importance of good tyres for the safety of occupants in a vehicle. Therefore, for every part-worn tyre that leaves our facility, we spend hours and hours on its inspection.

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